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Registering at NCDA-K allows you to connect with other actors in Kenya and globally. Application fee is KES. 2000/= for individuals and KES. 5000/= for institutions. As a member, you will be part of the national movement that aims to steer NCD action in the country from the grassroots to the national levels. NB: In the case of organisations, this form should be filled by the contact person (or her/his designate) in charge of NCD activities.

Get Involved with us

Corporate Partnerships

By teaming up with us, you could:

  • Increase sales and gain competitive advantage by being associated with the Kenya largest NCD partner network.
  • Share the benefits of NCDAK’s highly regarded brand recognition and reputation.
  • Align your company with Kenya’s largest active NCD partner network, increase brand exposure and engage new audiences.
  • Reach our vast audience that includes those living with, and at risk of NCDs, and Health Care Professionals.
  • Increase awareness of the risks of developing NCDs to your customers, employees and local communities and helping them to take control of their health and wellbeing if at risk.
  • Help to improve the lives of the children, young adults and adults  in Kenya living with NCDs
  • Gain access to our unique expertise which ranges from Clinical, to campaigning to and understanding of our key audiences.

Fundraising and Donations

Your donation will help our work to understand the causes of non-communicable diseases and to find ways to help people with these conditions manage and access information that will help improve their health outcomes. Every donation counts and helps people with any of the NCDs that are touched by our programs, their families, and caregivers. Fundraising You have come to this page because you want to do something amazing. Maybe it’s to raise money for a cause close to your heart, or maybe it’s to push yourself to achieve a life-long goal. Whatever your reason, we have an event for you, and we promise that every shilling you raise will do extraordinary things for those affected by NCDs. Follow our events page to find out how you can get involved in any of our events throughout the year.  

Our Partners