My fight with Breast and Cervical Cancer

I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and ovarian cancer five months later. Eight months before the ovarian cancer diagnosis, I had noticed a lump next to my belly button but did not give it much thought as it was not painful and disappeared three days later. My menstrual cycles became irregular and prolonged. The first doctor I visited said it was hormonal imbalance, which was common in teenagers my age. It resurfaced four months later but this time, it came with hours of intense abdominal pain and stomach bloating. I was generally fatigued and could not engage in half as much activities as I used to.

I visited a doctor and after several scans and a biopsy, the cancerous tumors were detected. Through sessions of chemotherapy and surgery for ovarian cancer led to loss of hair, major throat ulceration and inflammation. Eating and talking became a problem. The most difficult part of my experience was the realization that I would not be able to give birth to my own children as a result of the treatment. Losing a uterus and ovary was never on my bucket list. “I know that tomorrow is truly not promised. That life can change in an instant, and that it
is up to me to make a difference.”


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