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Our Goal And Mission

We are here not for income, but for outcome


The vision for NCDAK is “A Kenyan people, living in an environment that is protective against the risks of developing NCDs and that provides quality care for those who develop NCDs”.

to be the lead membership organization in Kenya on matters pertaining to NCD prevention, control, management and rehabilitation.

Main Objective
to bring together synergistic relationships of multi-sectoral stakeholders that will facilitate effective promotional and advocacy activities for prevention and control of NCDs and provision of quality NCD care services.


NCDAK will align its member organizations and individuals to the objectives stated above and seek to strengthen them and link them to other international partners and sources of funding wherever possible to strive to cover all the mentioned objectives by its members. NCDAK will acts as a coordinating and strengthening body for comprehensive and synergistic national action on NCDs. The members will form four main thematic coordination committees to coordinate action:- International and national advocacy and resource mobilization committee Risk factor reduction and healthy environment committee Health system re-orientation and universal health coverage committee NCD research evidence and Surveillance committee Each committee will have a Convener/Chair (and a deputy) who will lead the committee and be part of the executive national committee of NCDAK. The terms of reference for each Committee will be clearly outlined and in accordance with the NCDAK strategic objectives and goals.

Our Main Issues

We are always open to your ideas and suggestions